Lyme warrior speaks


“Lyme warrior” Katina Makris.

Ever heard the term “Lyme warrior?” It was included in several e-mails touting this Sunday afternoon’s workshop at Mirabai Books in Woodstock, where author Katina Makris will discuss her book Out of the Woods on healing Lyme disease. She is expected to share some of the practical healing information and inspiration that have made her an icon, and noted warrior for those suffering from chronic Lyme.

Makris’ appearance comes at a time when local awareness of all the symptoms, pains and lasting damage done by the rampaging disease deer ticks carry (along with mice and the cats that transport each) is reaching new peaks.

A county Lyme disease advisory committee is hosting a public forum July 31 at the County Office Building in Kingston from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Members of the public who wish to provide comment (five-minute maximum) are welcome. A new countywide plan to prevent the spread of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses will be unveiled and discussed.

Among the plan’s many suggestions and proposed actions are the dissemination of “shower cards” reminding people to check themselves for ticks. Poster warnings are being produced for parks and other public spaces. There will be public education opportunities stressing, above all else, how to safely remove those nasty little critters from one’s skin.

Also, County Executive Mike Hein has in the past week announced a new initiative in which the county health department will distribute posters and other information to veterinarians and animal-related businesses throughout Ulster County. Cats as well as dogs can carry the ticks. Among the new suggestions coming from the county is not to allow pets on the bed, for starters.

“I crash at home, feeling as stunned as a bird who has hit a window,” Matris writes in Out of the Woods. “I’m too weak to drive, sleep is raggedy, and my head spins. My blood sugar feels like it’s constantly plummeting; I feel jittery and starving, and have anxiety rushes that only a solid protein meal can assuage. My metabolism has gone way out of whack. Suddenly, I’m packing on weight in a way I never have before.”

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  1. Was misdiagnosed in 2005. When I finally was tested…it was too late. Have Chronic Lyme. Have had 3 bouts….each one worse than the last. The headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog and arthritis are horrible. Will definitely buy this book….modern medicine has not helped at all.

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