Who goes without medical care?

Differing opinions

People who have health insurance often don’t understand how hard it can be for other people to go to the doctor when one also needs money for food and shelter. “There are also many people who do qualify for assistance but don’t seek it out of a sense of pride and/or shame,” pointed out one blogger named Pete.

Another blogger on the same stream named Paul pointed out that many people with health insurance don’t go to the doctor, either. “It is a cultural problem that we have to deal with if these health care problems are going to be resolved,” said Paul.

Pete responded to Paul. “I fully intend to avoid ever going to a hospital because that is where sick people are and people die there every day,” he wrote.

Mervel chipped in. “I hope the Obama health plan can fix this,” he or she wrote, “but it will take billions and billions more in new programs to expand Medicaid to really help low-income people without coverage right now. Are those billions in the bill?”

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