Who goes without medical care?

Finally, yet another blogger summed up his position. SirLeland said, “I’ve said it before, and it’s really very simple. Unless and until our policymakers approach healthcare in this country as a fundamental human right (as we currently do police protection, or fire protection), as every other developed country on the planet approaches this issue, there will sadly be little to no change. And the facts are there and available to us: Under our current system, we pay more per capita on healthcare than any other developed country, and we also receive worse outcomes as a result.”

Mervel wasn’t through quite yet. “Obama’s plan is a giant unfunded mandate, there is no money behind it, it is essentially a cynical joke. Unless we apply billions possibly trillions of new dollars to the healthcare system we can pass all the laws we want, there won’t be any care for the poor and vulnerable. We can’t afford right now to provide Medicaid to people making 1500 bucks a month. How in the world is the government going to afford to pay for everyone? You can’t get there from here.”

Retorted Knuckleheaded Liberal, “Yes, we can!”

Now the national election’s over, the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act is sure to continue. The new national healthcare law, imperfect and untested though it may be, will help more people to afford insurance. As I understand it, the goal is to move away from the classical fee-for-service model to a capitation (per head) system in which, according to an implementing group called the Hudson Valley Initiative, care ideally will be coordinated and managed by a primary-care team along a continuum that includes specialty, acute and long-term care, and care will be patient-centered and focused on the needs of the patient and family regardless of payment source.

It’s going to be a very long road.


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