Geezer fit?

Cardio-fitness is a big part. “If you just do one thing it’s better than nothing. But if you vary it, with stairs, bike, elliptical, you get muscle confusion. The goal is to have five or six exercises for each muscle group and keep rotating them. You don’t have to be on a piece of cardio equipment to get a workout. And at first light weights, lots of reps (repetitions) to stabilize the muscles. After a couple of weeks, higher weights, fewer reps.

This leaves somebody with a good basic road map as to where you want to go. It’s a lot of fun helping people to reach their goals. You’ve got to make it fun instead of a grind.”

Horowitz extols Quinn’s virtues. “Mike is a wonderful trainer. He is excellent, knows how to work you to your age. I lift weights, do a lot of water aerobics, stretching

As you get older you aren’t as limber, you have to adjust to a different sort of life. I can’t ski any more or ice skate ….”

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