Spring allergies

It’s that time again. Yep, spring, which while welcome after a brutal winter still has a fearsome downside for allergy sufferers. That’s because the trees are having sex, which they do once a year, which is kind of sweet and almost chaste of them.

Unfortunately, most trees depend on the wind, unlike most flowering plants which get pollinating insects to do the job of moving grains of male pollen onto female stigmas. Trees being, well, trees, and usually the biggest living things around, they churn out a huge volume of pollen. So much of it, in fact, that cars, windows, house siding, lawn furniture and decks can all turn green and yellow under the onslaught in an hour or two.

That means we all breathe in some of that pollen. It’s inescapable, especially on dry windy days when it gets blown from one county to the next. For allergy sufferers, those days are hellish.

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