Leap forward in dental technology in Kingston

Hey, hobo man, Hey, dapper Dan, You’ve both got your style,

But, brother, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!
—“You’re Never Fully Dressed  Without A Smile,” Annie

Kingston dentist Dennis Oppenheimer has been practicing for 13 years in the Hudson Valley, and he’s always loved his work. (Full disclosure: he’s my dentist, and he rocks.) Since learning and adopting Fastbraces technology in 2013, however, Oppenheimer has become a kind of evangelist for this rising method of straightening teeth. For former braces-wearers who suffered excess discomfort and lengthy treatment and want better for their friends and loved ones, or any adult who desires straight teeth but worries the process might be too painful and/or time consuming, his pitch for Fastbraces, for which his office is the only local provider, is worth listening to.

“It’s completely changing braces,” he says. “It’s one of the few things I’ve looked at in continuing education that really excited me. Compared to traditional braces, it takes half the time, it’s half the cost, and there’s no removal of teeth. At first, I thought, ‘What’s the catch?’ There isn’t one.”

Fastbraces is the brainchild of orthodontist Dr. Anthony Viazis. In the late 1980s, Dr. Viazis was just entering his orthodontics residency. “He was researching why braces fail,” Says Oppenheimer. “Why teeth move back when braces are taken off.”

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