Lyme warrior speaks

Matris, it turns out, is a longstanding homeopath, certified Intuitive Healer, and newspaper health columnist who cured herself of Lyme, leading to the creation of this book, which spreads news about the disease and urges the federal government to change its definitions of Lyme. New research suggests that Lyme disease is the underlying causative agent of a very long list of chronic health conditions, Matris writes on her blog.


Her writing style is extremely dramatic. “Days run into nights, nights into days, with me falling down a dark elevator shaft of despair,” her book says. “I’m racked with a weird vibrating feeling in my body and a high-pitched buzz in my head. No one else can hear it when I quiz them. Burning, knifelike stomach pains, bloaty, gassy expansions, and bizarre three a.m. ravenous hunger pangs are intense. My GI tract is a mess.”

She’s confused by the medical explanations she gets. She chooses her own path. “Suspecting a malfunction in my gut, I end up following my own instincts and holistic understandings and attempt to soothe these persistent discomforts on my own,” she writes. “Why can’t the doctors give me any answers other than a suspect virus?”

Mirabai will be charging $15 in advance, $20 at the door for the afternoon workshop, which begins at 2 p.m. this Sunday. “If you have had Lyme, are coping with it, or know a sufferer,” the PR says, “this is a must-experience event.”

Mirabai Books is at 23 Mill Hill Road in Woodstock. Visit or call 679-2100 for information or to reserve a place.

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  1. Was misdiagnosed in 2005. When I finally was tested…it was too late. Have Chronic Lyme. Have had 3 bouts….each one worse than the last. The headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog and arthritis are horrible. Will definitely buy this book….modern medicine has not helped at all.

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