Keep Your Brain Healthy

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program gives readers easy-to-comprehend-and-follow steps that help strengthen memory, both short-term learning and long-term recall; increase aerobic activity to nourish the brain with oxygen-rich blood; feed it with anti-oxidant foods and vital nutrients — this writer was pleased to learn that moderate consumption of coffee and wine is recommended! — and cross-train it with a variety of neuron-stimulating mental exercises. Small’s seven-day program explains what to eat, when to exercise, how to stimulate the brain, and how to incorporate new habits into one’s life for the best results. He also emphasizes how important continued social interaction is as we age.

In The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program, Small offers information about the latest means of detecting compromised brain function, including genetic testing, along with current trends in medicine that address the symptoms of sufferers. As well, he cites encouraging examples of how employing these simple habits — brisk walking, good eating, and committed engagement in life’s great and small puzzles — has proven positive results in people young and old. It’s never too late to improve your brain’s health, he maintains, and at the same time enjoy vibrant overall health and longevity.

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